entry doors 300x259Between 2012 to 2017, the commercial property remodeling industry grew by 11.7% and is projected to increase steadily through 2022. While large remodeling projects have certainly enjoyed this expansion, other, smaller products have also enjoyed some time in the sun.

One type of small but impactful remodeling project is an entry door replacement. Though entry doors can easily be replaced in a single day, this project can transform your home’s curb appeal for decades to come.

If you think it’s time for a fresh door installation, don’t fall into the trap of replacing your old door with something plain, unexciting, and drab. Here are three entry door ideas to make your home and your doorway stand out:

1. Select A Bold Color

For a small change with a big impact, select a new door painted with a bold, fun color. Bright red, royal blue, and even shades of yellow and green make excellent choices for entry doors. Be sure to select a color that complements the rest of your home– selecting a sunflower yellow door for your lilac-colored home might not be the best choice! Try using a photo editing service to preview how your door color will look before making a final decision.

2. Choose An Unusual or Different Door Style

Though we commonly think of entry doors as front doors, an entry door simply means any kind of door that gives indoor-outdoor access. If you’re replacing a side or back door, why not change the style of the door completely? Upgrading to a sliding glass door or even french doors can give your home and yard a sense of luxury. These types of doors also promote better flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and let more light into your home.

3. Install Window

Sometimes, changing the look of a door doesn’t necessarily mean replacing the door itself. Adding new windows around or above your door can upgrade your entryway and create an artistic, homey appeal. With windows on either side, or “sidelites,” your entrance will let more sunlight into the indoor space, and overall make the entry appear larger and grander.

Try adding new windows, new color, or new style to your entry doors to transform the look of your entire home. With these tips, your entryway will never look dreary again! For more great tips about entry doors or windows, contact Can Do Windows and Doors today.

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