new windows 300x205We’re coming upon the season that swiftly reminds people that their homes might not be as airtight as they thought. As the cold winds blow, many homeowners will start to notice a little chill creeping its way into the house. Don’t panic, these are usually pretty easy fixes.

Through 2019, homeowner expenses on residential improvements and home repairs are projected to surpass $350 billion annually. We know that many of these home improvements are going to be egged on by drafty houses over the winter. So if you live in an old, drafty home, we’ve got some tips for you to keep your house nice and toasty while it’s quite the opposite outdoors.


If certain areas of your home are colder than others, then you might think that keeping doors closed is a good way to trap heat in rooms. Unfortunately, it really does the opposite, isolating rooms such that stagnant warm air turns cool. On top of that, your furnace is going to have to work even harder if you’re closing rooms off from each other. To make the most of your heating system this winter, keep interior doors open and let warm air flow evenly throughout the house. Here’s a warmth mantra to keep in mind this winter: air in motion is always warmer than air that’s still.

Windows and doors

These are the some of the biggest culprits allowing unwanted cool air in the house. Over time, old windows don’t effectively keep cold air out and warm air in. That’s why old windows should be checked periodically. Sometimes, leaky windows call for new windows altogether, but there are other options for sealing windows like caulking, weather stripping, and window film.

Entry doors, sliding glass doors, and any doors that are opening and closing often are guilty of letting cold air in. Additionally, constant use of those doors makes them wear out quicker, even when you’ve made sure they’re efficiently sealed. Energy efficient new windows for your home and proper door installation will seal warmth in and keep the cold out. Over time, replacements will be necessary, so it’s better to get the jump on new windows and doors before you’re in the dead of winter.


If you’ve had brand new windows and doors installed and your house still feels like it can’t keep heat, look up. Heat rises and, when attic ceilings are poorly insulated (or not insulated at all), that rising heat is escaping through your roof. A veritable chimney from which you’re letting heat and money escape. You can have the best new windows and doors on earth, but heat will always rise. Without proper attic ceiling insulation, you’ll remain chilly and foot a hefty energy bill.

There you have it. Windows, doors, airflow, and insulation are going to keep your hearth and home warm this winter. If you’re having doubts, give us a shout and we can help you with installing replacement windows and doors for your home. We have been serving homeowners in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, CA for over three decades. We’ll make sure to have a look and get you in good shape for the coming season.

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