door installation 300x199Spring is just around the corner and now is the best time to start thinking of what you can do to give your home a fresh new look. Odds are your outdoor patio has gotten the cold shoulder during California’s rainy season, so why not start there?

Here are a few ways you can spruce up your patio to get your outdoor lounge area ready for warmer, dryer weather.

  1. Bust out some fresh new throw pillows. Nothing says spring quite like floral throw pillows. Get chic with embroidery details or have fun with bright and bold colors. Throw pillows are a subtle, but great way to bring in some life to a seasonally dreary place.
  2. Use spring textures like wicker. We’re not saying you need to invest in wicker furniture, but incorporating a few touches here and there of this basket texture will have your patio feeling like spring in no time. Consider using a wicker serving tray for an extra-casual springtime flair.
  3. Use spring colors where they’re least expected. We mentioned floral throw pillows in the first point, but you can use springtime colors in other areas around your patio, too. Switch up your white cups and plates for Millennial pink or lavender tableware. Linen napkins in fun spring patterns is another subtle way to bring in the new season.
  4. Install some new plants around your patio. Gardens aren’t for everyone, but greenery is a big statement piece when it comes to spring. Incorporate some big, leafy plants around your patio to make the space come alive.
  5. Install some new doors. If new plants just aren’t cutting it, consider installing some new doors for some extra flare for your outdoor patio this spring. Sliding glass doors or french doors are an elegant way to make your patio feel fresh and new. What’s more, you’ll feel a lot better opening a glass door than you would hauling open a thick wooden door to come out onto your patio.

Looking for a new door installation for your patio this spring?

The average cost for a multiple-room remodel is $41,892. But when you choose a new door installation, you can transform your home for a much smaller price.

Whether you’re looking for sliding glass doors, french doors, or new entry doors, Can Do Windows and Doors are the installers for you. To learn more about our door installation or window installations, contact Can Do Windows and Doors today.

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