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Be Inspired with Design Freedom.

For a contemporary style, it’s hard to beat Milgard Aluminum Series patio doors. Great for replacement projects and new construction, aluminum patio doors offer narrow sight lines to inspire design freedom. They are beautifully thin and extremely durable making them a popular choice when maximum views are desired.

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Standard Aluminum

A Standard Aluminum window is made of extruded aluminum. No enhancements are made to reduce thermal transfer.

  • Features and benefits of Standard Aluminum windows include:
  • Sealed, mechanically-joined corners stay square and true over years of use, helping to keep homes dry.
  • Clean, narrow sight lines for contemporary designs and maximum view area.
  • Milgard SunCoat® Low-E glass for excellent energy savings and protection against fabric fading.
  • Spring action lock for easy fingertip opening and enhanced security.
  • Industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty.
  • Anodized coating or painted finish helps to prevent against rusting, pitting and corroding

Thermally Improved Aluminum

Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows consist of extruded aluminum, where a “channel” is cut through the aluminum and polyurethane is poured into this channel to separate the interior from exterior extrusion. This process is done to reduce thermal transfer and improve energy efficiency.

Features and benefits of Thermally Improved Aluminum Windows include ALL of the same as Standard Aluminum, plus more energy efficient options with less heat/cold transfer through the aluminum frame.



These patio doors are designed with clean, narrow sight lines that only the strength and stability of aluminum can provide. Milgard Aluminum Series patio doors are built with high quality components that start with our rollers and go all the way to the frame itself.

Contemporary Frame

Aluminum patio doors provide narrow frames and clean lines offering a very contemporary look in any home. When a modern architectural style is desired, these patio doors can achieve a variety of contemporary design requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum patio doors are equipped with a thermal barrier that makes them more energy efficient. Polyurethane is placed between the frame to create a thermal break reducing the flow of heat and improving insulating ability. (Not available in all areas.)


Aluminum series patio doors beautifully accentuate the clean, thin lines of contemporary design with their narrow sight lines and modern metal look. They have an extremely long life and are highly resistant to outside weather elements due to their rigidity and durability.


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