You can increase energy efficiency, security, comfort and value by adding replacement windows to your Huntington Beach, CA home. But did you know that you could do all that and more by simply choosing custom glass for your replacement windows?

replacement windows to your huntington beach caThere is a wide variety of custom glass options available for replacement windows, from decorative and privacy to safety glass and beyond. Each type offers great benefits for your home.

  • Privacy glass is a lightly blurred glass that prevents people from seeing into your home without filtering too much natural light. There are privacy glass options that have an obscurity rating of 9 or higher, meaning it’s almost impossible to see through for ultimate privacy. Privacy glass can also be decorative, with patterns like frosted leaves, pebbles and rain.
  • Safety glass is a tempered option that is more resistant to shattering and breaking that standard replacement window glass. Typically, window glass breaks into either big, dangerous pieces or tiny shards that can cause serious injuries. Tempered safety glass breaks into small, round pieces with no sharp edges, greatly reducing injury risk.
  • Decorative glass can come in almost any color, size or shape. Add grilles and grids for added support with the look of individual panes, or stained glass for color and personality. You can even order glass to fit unusual replacement window shapes like round, triangle, or diamond to fit unique spaces around your home.
  • Another type of decorative glass is etched glass. Etched glass comes in eight common yet distinctive patterns including single, double, diamond, petal, trellis and more. Etched glass is also available in different etching styles like shadow, frosted and polished. Combine different patterns and styles for unique replacement window looks that match your home décor and personality.

Custom glass can be used in replacement windows all around your home. Each type has different uses and different ideal locations. Safety glass is perfect for any replacement window in your home, but especially for those in potentially unsafe areas. For example, use safety glass in windows around wet or slippery areas in case you fall and hit the window. You can also use safety glass in first floor windows to prevent break-ins.

Privacy glass is a great option for bathroom windows, as it boosts privacy but still lets in lots of natural light. You can even use privacy glass inside your home for shower doors or dividers. Use privacy glass for any replacement windows in which you want more privacy. Decorative glass is a great choice for any window that you want to add interest or make a focal point. Use stained glass in your entry way windows to greet guests with personality or put etched glass in your kitchen windows to cast fun shadows on the counter.

If you want to learn more about custom glass for your Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows, Can-Do Windows & Doors is here to help. Please visit us at 1241 E Warner Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 or give us a call at (714) 752-3407 today.

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