While there are tons of different kinds of replacement windows in Newport Beach, CA, the two most popular and most commonly seen are double hung and single hung windows. If you’re shopping for new windows, these popular types are great options. But which one should you choose?

replacement windows in newport beach ca 1Let’s start with what they have in common. Both single and double hung windows slide vertically and have upper and lower sashes. In fact, double and single hung windows can actually look the same from a distance. The main difference between single and double hung windows is how the sashes move. With single hung windows, only the bottom sash moves, but with double hung windows both the top and bottom sashes move and up, down and sideways. As single hung windows have fewer moving parts, they are supposedly more weather resistant, while double hung windows are easier to clean.

Single hung windows are older in style than double hung and are often preferred for a historic or traditionally styled home. Single hung windows are also more cost effective than double hung. Single hung windows are generally more airtight than double models as the upper sash is fixed and doesn’t loosen over time. It’s also easier to caulk and weather seal a single hung window for even more energy efficiency.

Double hung replacement windows are becoming the most common window type for one main reason: they’re easier to clean. Double hung windows move up and down and tilt in and out. This tilting allows them to be cleaned from inside the house. The ability to open both the upper and lower sash on a double hung window is also helpful because it boosts airflow and allows you to customize the airflow. Sometimes it’s better to only have the air coming in from the top half of the window, and a double hung allows you to do that. You can also create a small circulation effect by opening both the upper and lower sashes only halfway.

In many cases, double hung windows might be a safer choice for homes with children as only having the top sash open prevents little kids from falling out an open bottom sash. Double hung windows are thought to maybe increase air leakage because they have more openings and can also be more expensive than single hung models.

At the end of the day, choosing between single and double hung replacement windows for your home all depends on your personal preferences and needs. If you want to be able to open both window sashes or remove the sashes for cleaning, go with double hung. But if those features aren’t as important to you as cost, single hung might be the better option.

Whether you go with single or double hung windows for your home, Can-Do Windows & Doors and doors can help. Please visit us at 1241 E Warner Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705 or give us a call at (714) 752-3407 to learn more about your options for Newport Beach, CA replacement windows.

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