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Dutch Doors in Orange County, CA

Dutch Doors are a single door split horizontally allowing the top and bottom halves (leaves) to operate independently. Securing the top and bottom halves together with a Dutch Bolt enables the door to swing as a single unit. They are also known as Half Doors, Split Doors, Double-hung Doors and sometimes mistakenly as “Doors with Windows”.

Besides adding a distinct look to your home, Dutch doors allow you to increase the functionality of your entryway by bringing fresh air in while keeping pets and children safely inside. This is done by dividing the door horizontally so the bottom half remains shut, while the top half opens. All solid wood Dutch doors are handcrafted to your exact size. Each exterior Dutch door has a unique sealing system allowing it to seal as efficiently as any standard door.

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As farmhouse design continues to rise, so too does the demand for country chic Dutch doors.

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