replacement windows on your huntington beach ca 51 774x1024Everyone dreams of owning a vacation home. But oftentimes this dream stays just out of reach. Instead of buying a separate house for vacations, why not make your actual home feel more like a vacation home? Then you can be on vacation all the time! Use these tips, like installing replacement windows on your Huntington Beach, CA house and turning your bathroom into a spa, to help make your home feel like a vacation home.

  • Transform Your Bedroom into a Hotel Room – Hotel rooms are strictly for relaxation and rest. Make your bedroom at home the same way! First, your bedroom is not an office, laundry room, or gym, so get rid of everything that isn’t geared towards rest and relaxation. Clear away clutter off dressers and bedside tables so you aren’t distracted when it’s time to sleep or relax. You can also repaint the walls a soothing, subtle color like dove grey or soft white and update your bedding to match. Finally, upgrade your window treatments to make sure you have ultimate light control – darkness when it’s time to rest and soft, warm light when it’s time to relax.
  • Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa – There’s nothing better than the full relaxation and rejuvenation that comes from a spa visit. Make your bathroom echo that experience with a few small updates. First, clear away that clutter! Put away personal hygiene products, haircare tools, and medicine in the medicine cabinet, drawers, or in a basket so the counter is empty and calming. If you want to leave things on the counter, make sure they’re attractive like potted plants, perfumes, or bath salts. Second, invest in some new linens like super fluffy towels and an ultra-plus bathrobe. Finally, scented candles and incense are your friends as smell is incredibly powerful when it comes to transporting and relaxing.
  • Create an Outdoor Oasis – Make the most of your outdoor space by treating it like an extension of your home. Break it into rooms like a dining area, entertainment spot, cooking area, and lounging area. Also, be sure your outdoor furniture is comfortable and clean as no one will want to relax on dirty or hard furniture. Don’t forget the outdoor pillows, fountains, torches, fire pits, or bistro lights for ambiance.

replacement windows on your huntington beach ca 50

  • Let in the Light – Most vacation spots have a very indoor/outdoor feel with huge doors and expansive windows. Bring that to your home by investing in replacement windows that will let the natural light shine into and brighten your home. You can also invest in a new patio or sliding door for easier access into your outdoor space. Don’t forget to finish your new windows with stylish and functional window treatments.

While owning a vacation home is nice, you won’t need one if you use these tips to make your home feel like a vacation 24/7. Want more tips on home improvement or Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows? Can-Do Windows & Doors is here to help. Call or visit us today.

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