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Is farmhouse décor still cool? From shiplap and raw wood to shutters on replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA, farmhouse style décor made a big comeback in recent years. There are actually two kinds of farmhouse-style décor: classic farmhouse and modern farmhouse. Classic farmhouse style is all about antiques and distressed furniture, overstuffed armchairs, and lots of animal figurines. Modern farmhouse, on the other hand, is a much more streamlined version of the same aesthetic. Having evolved from classic farmhouse, modern farmhouse has just enough of the classic appeal to make it timeless mixed with more modern touches. That is why classic farmhouse décor isn’t in style, but modern farmhouse décor is.

But why is modern farmhouse so popular? Many people favor the style because it conjures up happy memories of summers spent at their grandparent’s country home or creates an atmosphere of a simpler life outside the city. Its familiar and its comfortable, but it’s also minimalist and trendy. Modern farmhouse style is also still popular because it merges the best parts of classic farmhouse with modern elements. For example, it features a lot of black and white contrasts as a clean base for colorful or textured touches. The black and white tones also help create an uncluttered feel, which is something we all strive for. Gone is the cluttered, overly accessorized look of the original country farmhouse. Modern farmhouse homes are carefully curated with comfortable but chic accents and furnishings. Modern farmhouse homes have also done away with too many antiques, and instead focusing on one or two really special vintage finds or family heirlooms.

Do you want to try adding modern farmhouse style to your home? Try updating your kitchen with a farmhouse sink and modern cabinets, or your bedroom with an iron bed and bedding in neutral colors and soft fabrics. You can also try modern artwork mixed with vintage furniture, metal hardware mixed with modern neutral drapery panels, or lots of plants and herbs. You can also add modern farmhouse style to your home with treatments for your replacement windows. The best window treatments for modern farmhouse style include roller or Roman shades, drapes, and shutters.

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Clean-lined roller shades and sleek Roman shades give a tailored look perfect for modern farmhouse décor and also increase your window function. Choose a modern, neutral color so they aren’t too commanding. For example, choose black shades to contrast white walls or white shades to brighten up a darker room. Drapes and drapery panels add softness and airy texture to complement the sharp lines of modern farmhouse accents. Choose organic fabrics like linen, cotton, or linen blends in modern and tailored styles. Ground the drapes by hanging them on black iron bars. Shutters are the epitome of farmhouse décor. Keep shutters from feeling outdated by choosing black or other dark colors. You can also pair shutters with light and airy drapes for light control and style.

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