Hung-Slider Light Commercial Windows: Best of Both Worlds

A lot has changed in the window industry during the last decade. But one thing that hasn’t changed is landlords’ and commercial builders’ need for attractive and durable windows that don’t break their budget.

Windows can be one of the largest line items in any home or apartment builder’s budget. And landlord’s faced with replacing windows in a home or multi-unit building can be facing an expense that turns profits into debt. Yet “cutting corners” to save costs on windows is never a good option – as product durability and longevity will be compromised if you buy cut-rate windows.

The good news is that “hung-slider” windows now offer a replacement window design with high performance and elevated aesthetic appeal, at an affordable price point.

What Are Hung-Slider Light Commercial Windows?

Hung-slider replacement windows opens with the lower sash sliding vertically, while the upper sash remains stationary.

Visually, hung-slider windows have the same high-end look of double-hung windows. But because one sash is stationery, production costs are lower – enabling us to offer them to builders and landlords at a much lower price than traditional “double-hung” windows.

In short, hung-slider light commercial windows combine the simplicity of a side-load window design with the elegance and high performance of double hung windows.

Valencia Hung-Slider Light Commercial Windows

Our Valencia line of premium hung-slider vinyl windows is one of the most robust hung-slider window designs on the market. Both operating and fixed designs made for light commercial and residential projects are available.

Every Valencia hung-slider light commercial window is custom made to your project’s specifications using high-quality, high-performance vinyl and glass. Each window is also engineered to perform with the outstanding energy, acoustic, and structural properties you need to satisfy your tenants and residents.

Additionally, the effortless auto-locking system ensures that the latch will retract and engage automatically whenever a window is closed – improving both building safety and your peace of mind.

And the CrystalView™ screens on our Valencia hung-slider replacement window offer antimicrobial properties and an easy-removal integral pull handle, to help reduce your maintenance costs.

Valencia windows are for those who want the best windows for their light commercial or residential project – at an affordable price that won’t blow the budget.

Best Costa Mesa Light Commercial Windows

Whether you are a builder trying to find affordable yet beautiful windows for a new build – or a landlord in need of replacement commercial windows – Can-Do will come to your location and help you understand your window choicesWe guarantee that you are getting the highest quality, most durable, beautiful and energy efficient windows – for the best possible price.

We have installed beautiful, new replacement windows in thousands of residential homes and multi-family buildings across the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and South Bay area.

Free Costa Mesa Light Commercial Window Estimate: 714-752-3407

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