vinyl replacement windows 300x199Styles evolve and change throughout the years, and though you may initially think this applies to the hairstyles and the clothes we wear, the same can be said for our homes. Shag carpeting left along with the seventies. Popcorn ceilings dwindled out by the time we approached the 2000’s. Home improvement projects modernize and increase the resale value of our homes—making them extremely worthwhile investments. But with all great investments, it’s important to know when to make them.

Continue reading to learn how to identify the top signs that it’s time to make some renovations to your home.

You notice you’re losing money on your utility bill

Loss of heating and cooling can be attributed to old windows. This is a huge red flag. However, as many business savvy folk say, you need to spend money to make money. In the case of rotten or broken windows, you’re losing money. It’s pouring out the window. Installing vinyl replacement windows also has an average return investment of up to 70%.

Vinyl windows or any kind of window upgrade will no doubt improve the look and feel of your home.

You’ve come into some money

Though you can spend that Christmas bonus check on new pairs of shoes or some other extravagant gift for yourself, spending that money on improving the resale value of your home is a wiser financial decision in the long run. Here are some simple projects you can accomplish:

  • installing new doors
  • replacing the windows with modern vinyl replacement windows
  • adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls
  • replacing the carpet or flooring in one to two rooms

You’ve never renovated

If you’ve been living in the same home for years and never once thought about renovating, now’s a perfect time. Start with a series of small projects. If you have an older home, know that bigger projects and more dramatic renovations can get more expensive. However, you will see a return on your investment whether you decide to keep it minimalistic or go for a drastic change. However, keep in mind that over a third of homeowners who have completed a renovation project in the last year have regretted not putting more money into the project, according to a Regret Study Factor.


Installing new front doors, or adding vinyl replacement windows are examples of smaller scaled projects you can accomplish in a weekend. Coming into some extra money or realizing you need to save money on your next heating and cooling bill are signs that it’s time to invest in enhancing your space.

Making home renovations pays for itself, making it a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

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