replacement windows to your huntington beach ca 11 1024x683Oh summer! Though the warm, sunny days of this beloved season might be far away right now, there are still ways you can bring some stylish, summery vibes into your living room, like adding summer décor. These summer decorating ideas, from adding copper finishes and greenery to installing new replacement windows to your Huntington Beach CA home, are sure to reinvigorate your living room and help you enjoy those summertime feelings all year round:

  • Bring in Natural Light with Replacement Windows – Nothing says summer quite like bright, warm sunlight. Are your old windows keeping your living room dark and wintery? Upgrade them with new replacement windows that can not only brighten the room but can also help with your home’s energy efficiency and comfort levels. And, though using your TV or fireplace as the focal point of your living room is a timeless choice, a great way to celebrate your new replacement windows and to bring in some summery feelings is to recenter the space around the outdoors. For example, turn your couch to face the windows or gather your chairs near the French or patio doors.
  • Have Fun with Copper – Silver and gold make people think of the holidays and winter, but copper is all about the summer. This bronzed metal offers up glamorous metallic finishes but still keeps the space light and airy. Try adding copper in floor lighting, lamps or candleholders, or in furniture edges or window hardware.
  • Add Some Greenery – Green has long been symbolic for freshness, new life, and renewal. Pretty much all the things summer stands for. So, bring some summertime greenery into your living room. You can do this through paint by adding a green accent wall or green window treatments, or by bringing in some actual plants. Dangling plants in hanging baskets are wonderful options as they add both height and greenery, while classic fake plants are a wonderful option if you were born without a green thumb.
  • Add Nautical Touches – Sailboats gliding across the warm water, sunshine, sand… what’s more summery than that? Add subtle nautical touches to your living room to boost the summertime vibes. Subtle is the key word here, as no one wants a sailboat-themed living room. Try tossing a blue and white striped throw blanket on the couch or add a few boat-shaped decorations to your shelves. You can also choose artwork that features sandy tones, blues and whites for more subtle ship flavor.
  • Reminisce About Your Favorite Summers – Summer is for vacations, right? Bring back memories of your favorite summer trips by installing a gallery wall in your living room that features pictures from vacations, prints from exotic locations you’ve visited, or even artwork you purchased while on a trip.

replacement windows to your huntington beach ca 10 1024x683These are just a few of the many possible ways you can bring the summer into your home with your decor. If you want more inspiration or are ready to start shopping for new Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows, Can-Do Windows & Doors is here to help. Stop by and visit us or give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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