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This country loves remodeling; not only has the commercial property remodeling industry grown by 11.7% since 2012, but the prevalence of renovation and redecoration TV shows has inspired homeowners near and far to upgrade their residences. From window upgrades to smart home systems, people want to live comfortably in a space all their own.

If you’re interested in expanding your indoor outdoor living areas, moving glass wall systems are a perfect place to start. However, not every home (or homeowner) is the same; let’s take a look at three types of moving glass wall systems to help you find the ideal fit your needs and your home.

  • Bi-Fold: Bi-fold glass wall panels open like an accordion — each panel of the door folds up on top of the next. This door is bottom loaded, meaning it doesn’t require a structural support beam above the doors to support its weight; because of this, bi-fold glass doors are a good choice for replacement door projects. However, they also take up extra space and are less “invisible” than the next two types.
  • Stacking: Stacking glass panels do precisely what their name suggests; they slide along a track and stack one in front of the other. Depending on the size of your door and the number of panels used, you’ll have between three and six tracks. When stacking glass wall systems are fully opened, they provide a streamlined look that lets on lots of natural light and fresh air.
  • Pocket: Pocket glass wall systems completely disappear from view when the door is open. They slide and stack, just like stacking systems, but are tucked into a pocket in your wall rather than remaining out in the open. If you’re looking for an option that allows you to essentially remove an entire wall of your home, pocket moving glass wall systems are the perfect choice.

Installing new doors can have a profound impact on your home. Although it may be hard to believe that such a simple change could make such a big difference, you’ll be living proof that it’s true. Moving glass walls, in particular, can open up your space by eliminating the separation between inside and outside; even when they’re closed, you’ll be able to soak up the sun with ease.

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