exterior dutch doors 300x200We all know the feeling. Your house is drafty in winter, unbearably hot in the summer. Dust collects everywhere. Maybe it’s an older building, but even so, these annoyances are avoidable. The simple solution: new windows. Old windows are less capable of keeping out the elements, meaning you and the interior of your building are more exposed to them. This can especially be a problem on exterior dutch doors. Outlined below are three reasons why window replacement will bring the overall cost of living down.

It’s Energy Efficient
If you find yourself constantly needing to rely on the thermostat for temperature control, there’s a good reason to believe your windows may be the culprit. When windows are older, they are less able to keep the heat out and the cool in, or, vice versa, the cold out and the heat in. A window upgrade means you’ll be running the heat or air conditioning less, saving money and becoming more energy efficient. The environment will thank you!

It’s Safer 
Window replacement, especially with exterior dutch doors, will increase your level of safety. While there is no doubt that exterior dutch doors are beautiful, you don’t necessarily want to be one glass shatter away from a criminal entering your home. Window replacement companies and experienced door installers will be sure to equip your home or apartment building with the best and safest windows available, meaning they can possibly be shatter resistant, or less likely to be easily forced open.

You’ll Save Money
While a multiple room remodel costs, on average, around $41,892, a window replacement will save you money in the long run. As stated above, new doors and windows will keep your energy use and costs down, which will add up greatly in the long term. This especially applies to apartment owners with multiple tenants with separate temperature control units; with newer windows, tenants will not have to use as much energy, saving you expenses.

Investing in new windows may seem like a huge, unnecessary investment, however it is anything but. It will not only keep your home cleaner and more energy efficient, it will also provide safety benefits that are priceless.

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