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Our Free In Home Window Diagnosis Process

When we first visit your home our goal is to “diagnose” your existing windows & doors. Our first step is to gather information so we can put together a detailed proposal.

We want to understand what you have in mind, and what new windows and doors will do for you, your home and your family’s lifestyle. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and have been serving homeowners in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, CA for over three decades.

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Below are just some of the many items we take the time to consider when assessing your existing windows and doors.


60% of the customers we visit have single pane windows. Single pane windows are by far the least energy efficient windows on the market. A lot of heat loss & heat gain in your home occurs here.


It is surprising how many homes we find with hard to open or completely inoperable windows. Older homes and windows may have shifted or moved over the years, making the windows and doors hard to operate & impossible to lock. We also find that a lot of windows and doors are just worn out over 30, 40, 50, or more years of use.


You may not be familiar with the term “seal failure”, but you have probably seen it. This is when a dual pane window has moisture in-between the panes of glass, or is fogged up. This is an indication that the seal around the glass has failed, which greatly reduces the window’s ability to insulate against heat and cold infiltration.


After a lifetime of use many windows ability to seal are gone. The weather stripping that once kept the cold, wind, dust & dirt out is worn out or permanently compressed – eliminating the windows ability to seal out the elements. If you have noticed that your home getting dusty quickly, or you feel slight breezes on windy days while your windows are closed, this is what is happening.


This is a common phenomenon under the right weather conditions. Similar to an ice cold soda can being placed on your kitchen table on a hot summer day, your windows or glass doors sweat. This can be corrected with the right replacement windows with current insulating technologies.


Unfortunately most of us become used to noises outside, including passing cars, leaf blowers, our next store neighbors etc. But noise can be corrected in your home with noise reducing windows. Noise reducing replacement windows are the one thing that can bring instant peace & privacy to any home.


Old window technology – especially single pane or clear dual pane windows & doors – allows a high level of damaging UV sunlight into a home. If you have noticed your carpet, window coverings, furniture, artwork & other furnishings fading over time, UV sunlight is probably to blame. Fortunately this is correctable with more energy efficient, UV filtering glass.


When inspecting homes we often find that many homes have rotten wood. Sometimes it is obvious that the entire window or door is falling apart. But most times dry rot more subtle. In any case dry rot will keep the windows or doors from operating and insulating against the elements properly.


This is a very common problem with older aluminum windows. Typically, they have been caulked at the corners of each window, when first manufactured, to eliminate water from leaking into the house walls. But after 30, 40, 50 or more years the original caulking has long since dried out and cracked – allowing water to seep into your home’s walls unknowingly.


All of the reasons listed above, as well as upgrading the look and feel of your home, is why new windows and doors are among the most popular home improvement. Your home’s windows and doors are truly the heart and soul of your home. Our experienced window designers can help you choose the new windows & doors that will enhance the beauty and the value of your home.

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