4 Reasons Landlords Should Consider Apartment Replacement Windows (Part 2)

If you are a landlord or property manager, you are always looking for ways to reduce your operating costs, while not compromising your tenant’s safety and satisfaction.

As the leading installer of apartment replacement windows in Costa Mesa, Huntington and Newport we understand that you may not want to incur the expense of new windows. However,  this two part article,  we explain how installing new windows in your rental units can actually save you money!

#3. Replacement Windows Improve Building & Resident Safety

First, windows that do not latch securely are a huge security hazard – inviting burglars and vandals to target your resident’s units as well as your common areas. In addition to creating a danger for your tenants, the costs in terms of property theft or damage can be huge.

Secondly, when broken, inoperable or hard to use windows make it impossible to open a window, your tenants are in danger of being trapped during a fire, earthquake or other disaster. In addition to being an unspeakable tragedy for the resident, the liability for such an occurrence rests squarely of the landlord.

Our state-of-the-art replacement windows include secure auto-lock latches that retract and engage automatically, for safety and peace of mind. Closed windows will always be locked automatically, yet can be opened easily whenever the need arises.

#4. Replacement Windows Improve Tenant Retention

Tenant Retention is the Holy Grail of rental unit profitability. High turnover of residents can cost you thousands in cleaning, painting, carpet replacement and units that sit empty while they are being cleaned and re-filled.

Replacement Windows are proven to improve resident comfort and satisfaction, thereby lowering rental turnover rate.

To begin with, older, single-glazed windows are simply not an effective barrier against noise. And noise complaints are high on the list of tenant complaints. But most property managers don’t realize that they can reduce and even eliminate outdoor noise with replacement windows.

Modern technology in insulating double-pane glass makes our replacement windows excellent at noise-control. Your tenants will enjoy quieter units – and a better night’s sleep – with Can-Do replacement windows.

Even more importantly, older windows may leave your tenants uncomfortably hot in certain rooms during the summer, and/or extremely chilly on cooler winter evenings?

Older windows simply do not insulate your home well. Single-pane glass windows allow the highest transfer of heat. This results in too much heat entering your home on sunny days, and too much warmth exiting your home on cool nights.

Our rental unit replacement windows are manufactured of double-pane glass, available filled with insulating Low-E Argon Gas. This insulation keeps the sun’s heat at bay during the day, and wards off colder air at night.

Your tenants will be thrilled and amazed at how much more comfortable their rental units are with new, energy-efficient replacement windows!

Newport Beach Apartment Replacement Window Installers

No matter what your budget, Can-Do will come to your home and help you understand your window choices, and compare window options, to ensure you are getting the highest quality, most durable, beautiful and energy efficient windows for the price.

We have installed beautiful, new replacement windows in thousands of homes across the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and South Bay area.

We can also assist you in obtaining easy financing, with no money down, so you can start enjoying your new windows (and lowering utility bills) right away.

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