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Tilt-Turn & Hopper Windows

We offer Magnus tilt-turn and hopper vinyl windows – known for their performance, intelligent design and timeless style. Whether your project requires operating or fixed windows, we have the perfect window selection for every commercial, multifamily, and architectural application.

These windows are Made in the USA to your exact, custom specifications. High-quality, high-performance vinyl, glass, and hardware ensure the outstanding energy, acoustic, and structural properties you need.

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Tilt-Turn (Dual Action) Window

Three Window Styles in One
An inward opening casement in the turn position, a secure top venting hopper in the tilt position, and a tightly-sealed fixed window when closed.

Energy Efficiency

Top Thermal Performance
Glass options available to achieve top thermal performance, including LowE3 performance with Argon gas. Performance ratings are on going and available.


Types and Styles

Create the Greatest Views Possible

tilt turn styles

PTAC Louver

Seamlessly Integrated

Available in a variety of configurations



Maximize Performance, Beauty and Style

Choose White, Beige or Clay
White standard, decorative surface finishes are available.

Increase Energy Efficiency
LowE3 performance glass and Argon gas available.

Improve Acoustical Properties
Dissimair glass units and laminated glass available.

Grid Patterns

grid patterns

Features and Benefits

Designed for top Performance, Beauty and Style

Better Vinyl
Verifiable longevity and durability with unique formulation.

Optimal Design
Multichambered 2 3/8″ frame with reinforcement increases strength, energy performance and allows for efficient water drainage.

Energy-Efficient Glass
Dual-pane unit (up to 1 3/8″) with annealed glass and the high-performance spacer system. Tempered glass available.

Outstanding Performance
Dual overlapping compression seals provide superior air, water and sound resistance.

High Quality Hardware
Operates easily with turn dual-action handle. Mulitpoint locking creates a tight seal.

Warning: Screens are not a fall prevention devise. Please take proper precautions.

Decorative Surface Finishes

Solid Colors & Woodgrains
Select from a wide variety of high-performance multilayered films to fuse with any color scheme. Resistant to weather, chemicals and UV

surface colors

Specialty Glass

Add Privacy & Beauty with Patterned or Tinted Glass

speciality glass


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