The LaCantina folding door system is what we are renowned to have perfected. As a pioneer in folding door systems LaCantina sets the standard for style, function and performance.

Using the highest quality rolling hardware and robust panel and frame designs, our systems provide smooth and effortless operation unmatched by other large opening door systems. With the ability to span any size opening, multiple configurations and options to meet the demands of any project, a LaCantina folding and bifold door system is the perfect choice. Contact us and we can help you find the best bi-folding door for your home.

Crystal Wall Bi-Fold Glass Doors

Crystal Wall bi-fold glass doors are as weather efficient and secure as they are beautiful. Ultra slim frame and frameless versions are also available.

Every folding door is custom made to your specifications. These versatile bi-fold doors can also be used as interior room separators, or as windows.

High-quality components and leading edge patented technology keep you comfortable while offering unparalleled views. Cold air, hot weather, wind, sound and moisture are kept at bay while you expand  your living space by inviting the outside in.

Schedule an appointment for our no-pressure door professionals to come to your home, to show you our wide selection of premium Bi-fold glass Doors. We will take exacting measurements to ensure a perfect fit – and return with your custom manufactured doors for a hassle-free, courteous & professional door installation.




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