Colored Replacement Windows: Durable Powder Coating

In 1913 Henry Ford famously stated “A customer can have any color [Model T] they want, as long as it is black”.

Unfortunately, more than one hundred years later, many window manufacturers have a similarly limited philosophy – offering only a choice of white or clay replacement windows.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art powder coating processes, Can-Do offers customers a choice of seven additional colors beyond the typical white and clay!

These 7 exciting additional “Crystal Coat” Replacement Window colors are:

  • Bronze,
  • Black,
  • Silver,
  • Hunter Green,
  • Red Rock,
  • Almond,
  • Chocolate Brown

What is Powder Coat Painting?

Traditional brush or spray painting uses wet paint – which sits on top of the surface and eventually begins to chip and peel. However, powder coating is an electrostatic application of organic powder to a surface, which is then cured by heating or baking, resulting in a hard, durable coating.

Your windows are custom made to your home’s exact specifications. Then our Crystal Coat replacement window colors are applied in our new, state-of-the-art powder coating line. This new vertical paint line equipment allows for coating of windows up to 25 feet.

World renowned paint companies Sherwin Williams and PPG supply the powder paint, formulated specifically for our equipment and your vinyl windows.

All extrusions are finished to meet AAMA 2604 durability performance criteria, and the higher performance standard of AAMA 2605 is also available with the new powder paint line.

Why Choose Crystal Coat Colored Replacement Windows?

In addition to the widest array of colors offered by any window manufacturer, our powder coat paint line is designed for environmental sensitivity as well as effectiveness. Our “crystal coated” colored window paint is low VOC and  meets or exceed all U.S. EPA and California air quality, environmental and safety regulations.

Also, following paint application, our products pass through a two-stage drying oven, where the pieces are warmed in an infrared oven before entering the bake oven. This results in a harder finish than a single-stage bake oven. So the end product is exceptionally durable.

And while most window manufacturers require 6 weeks or more to paint vinyl windows and doors, we can process and deliver your custom replacement windows within a 3- week time period.

You simply will not find more vibrant window colors or a more durable color coating anywhere else on the market.

Best Huntington Beach Replacement Window Installers

No matter what your budget, Can-Do will come to your home and help you understand your window choices, and compare window options, to ensure you are getting the highest quality, most durable, beautiful and energy efficient windows for the price.

We have installed beautiful, new replacement windows in thousands of homes across the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and South Bay area.

We can also assist you in obtaining easy financing, with no money down, so you can start enjoying your new windows (and lowering utility bills) right away.

Free Huntington Beach Area Replacement Window Estimate: 714-752-3407

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