Adding replacement windows to your Huntington Beach, CA home isn’t the only way you can increase its value, style, comfort and function. A patio cover makes a great addition to almost any home, as they come in different shapes, sizes, styles, materials and even prices. You can find permanent types of patio covers like pergolas, gazebos and carports, as well as more unobtrusive covers including retractable vinyl covers.

No matter what your needs, you’re sure to find a patio cover that fits the bill. However, the most popular kinds of patio covers are:

  • Metal – Metal patio cover are most commonly made from aluminum. They are easy to assemble and are fairly inexpensive. You can find metal patio covers in a wide range of sizes, shapes and even colors to suit your needs and preferences. Aluminum is ideal as a patio cover material as it is durable and holds up well in the face of moisture, heat, cold and pests.
  • Alumawood – Alumawood patio covers are made to look and feel like wood though they are actually made from metal. They give homeowners the chic look of wood without all the hassle, maintenance, and high price tag. You can find Alumawood patio covers in various styles such as pergolas, awnings, gazebos and carports. Though they are a bit more expensive than other kinds of patio covers, Alumawood models can be worth the investment if ease and style are important to you.,
  • Wood – Wood is a timeless material with plenty of style and class. Wood patio covers are ideal if you want your outdoor space to match the rest of your home, of if you prefer a more traditional and elegant appeal. The cost of wood patio covers varies depending on the kind of wood used, as well as the size, shape and style. However, wood patio covers tend to be more expensive than other kinds as wood is a natural material that requires an expert hand. For example, more environmentally friendly kinds of wood like bamboo and maple are a bit more expensive because of their popularity.
  • Lattice – Lattice-style patio covers are incredibly popular as they lend a beautiful and romantic air to the outdoor space. They are usually made of wood but can be found in wood-substitutes for a lower price tag and increased durability. Lattices are also ideal for homeowners that want to encourage growth of climbing plants and vegetables for a more wild or green look in the outdoor space.
  • Vinyl – Similar to Alumawood, vinyl patio covers are stylish, durable and affordable. They often look and feel just like wood, but are made of plastic. They hold up well in outdoor conditions, especially in areas with extreme moisture, heat or cold. Vinyl patio covers only require simple cleanings with soap and water in terms of maintenance and are easy to assemble and install.

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