Choosing the Right Replacement Window Grids for Your Home’s Architecture

Homeowners may realize that different styles of windows are associated with different architectural eras. But when choosing replacement windows, many people do not keep in mind that the window “grids” should also be architecturally appropriate for the home’s era.

For a consistent look, it is essential to choose windows and grids that complement, rather than clash with, the design of your home. Unfortunately, many window installers are simply clueless when it comes to the architectural integrity of a home.

At Can-Do we understand and respect the importance of maintaining architectural consistency in your home. We thoughtfully and skillfully help you select the replacement windows and grids that are right for your home’s style – while still offering state of the art energy efficiency and the best prices in Costa Mesa and Newport & Huntington Beach.

Colonial Home Replacement Window Grids

Colonial and Cape Cod homes are popular in some of Huntington Beach’s finest ocean communities.

More often than not Colonial homes have single or double hung windows and the colonial grid style is designed to complement these types of windows.

In Colonial architecture symmetry is prized – with the front door typically centered and an equal number of windows on each side.

Colonial window grids continue this symmetrical style – splitting the window pane evenly into equal “boxes” consisting of either 9, 6 or 4 panes. This type of window grid is one of the most popular, as it adds “interest” to windows while still maintaining classic elegance.

Craftsman Replacement Window Grids

Newport Beach, California was founded in 1906 and Huntington Beach was founded 3 years later in 1909.  Craftsman houses became extremely popular as Los Angeles and the surrounding Beach communities grew during the first 30 years of the 20th Century.

Craftsman homes were feature window grid patterns that are simple and clean-looking. Typically, the craftsman grid pattern consists of a bottom sash that is free of any grids, and a top sash that has 2 equally divided panes.

Spanish Colonial & Stucco Home Window Grids

Spanish Colonial Revival homes are among the most popular in Newport and Huntington Beach. In fact, California is believed to be the largest location of design and construction in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, especially in the coastal cities.

This truly Californian architectural style features stucco exteriors and often includes tile roofs. The Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach is a stunning example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture in the South Bay area.

Most typically, Spanish Colonial Revival homes feature equally spaced window pane grids. The number of panes into which the windows are divided will depend upon the size of the window – but generally, you will see 6 or 9 panes (“boxes”) per window in stucco homes.

Huntington Beach area’s Best Replacement Windows

No matter what the age or era of your house, Can-Do will come to your home and help you understand your window choices, to ensure you are getting the highest quality, most durable, beautiful and energy efficient windows for the price.

We have installed beautiful, new replacement windows in thousands of homes across the Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach and the South Bay area.

We can also assist you in obtaining easy financing, with no money down, so you can start enjoying your new windows (and lowering utility bills) right away.

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