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Fabric window treatments, like shades, curtains, and drapes, are a great choice for any replacement window in Huntington Beach, CA. They come in almost limitless styles, fabrics, and colors, making it easy to pair them with any window in your home while adding style and personality.

However, you do need to regularly clean your fabric window treatments to make sure they stay great for years to come. Some fabrics require minimal care while others, like embroidered or brocade patterns with layers and linings, can require a bit more consideration or maybe even professional cleaning.

Here are tips on how to clean and care for different kinds of fabric window treatments, like pleated shades. The best way to clean pleated shades is removing them from the window. Once removed, lay the shade flat on a clean surface and vacuum it in the direction of the pleats. To remove stains or fingerprints, use a foam upholstery or fabric cleaner and a clean, damp sponge. Don’t clean them too often and over-cleaning may impact the pleat lines.

What about cellular or Roman shades? To clean cellular shades, simply dust them with a duster or gently vacuum them with an upholstery attachment. If they are stained, use a mild detergent and warm water. Roman shades come in many different styles and fold options, making it difficult to recommend a general cleaning method. How you should care for your Roman shades depends on the fabric and fold style. For example, some fabrics can go in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and can be laid flat to dry, while others can only be dusted, vacuumed, or dry cleaned.

To clean soft horizontal blind, lightly vacuum them with the brush attachment, taking care to be gentle. If your blinds are stained, spot clean them with a soft, clean sponge and mild detergent. Do not dry clean them. To clean vertical fabric blinds, regularly dust them or vacuum them with the upholstery attachment. Be sure to get both sides of the vane and go from top to bottom. Test any commercial upholstery cleaner on an inconspicuous spot before using it on the full blind. Sheer fabric vertical blinds can be washed on the gentle cycle and air dried.

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Don’t forget about curtains and drapes. The exact maintenance method for draperies, curtains, and valances depends on the type of fabric. Always read the care tag before doing any cleaning, but a safe bet is usually regular vacuuming. Pay close attention to the top of the drapery, front and back since dust and dirt tend to settle in the pleats and gathers. If your curtains are easy to take down, bring them outside and give them a good shake to clear away dust and dirt. If dusting or vacuuming isn’t enough, consult a professional curtain cleaning company for the best results.

We are here to help if you want to make your Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows the best they can be. Call or visit us today to learn more about window maintenance or our offerings.

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