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Can-Do Windows & Doors is Orange County’s premier installer of high quality and energy-efficient replacement windows and doors, sunrooms, and patio covers. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and have been serving homeowners for over three decades. When it comes to high-value purchases that we need but know little about, most people don’t even know where to start looking. It’s not that they’re incapable, it’s just that some things are not as familiar as others. Buying replacement windows and doors in Huntington Beach, CA is no exception. That’s why a conversation with a pro can go a long way in helping you get your feet under you.

At Can-Do Windows & Doors, our friendly team of industry professionals has been guiding homeowners for decades. We know the products like the backs of our own hands, and we know what materials and technologies work well in the southern coastal California area. When you talk with us, you’ll get access to all of that know-how and understanding, without any pressure or obligation. You do what’s right for you, and we’ll help you do it. 

Here are several points to keep in mind about modern replacement windows and doors:

Energy Efficiency:

The home improvement industry is littered with new products that never took off. The industry is always looking to provide solutions to people’s desire to improve their home’s value and livability. While many things can be done to accomplish these things, it’s hard to argue against the value of installing high-quality replacement windows and doors in Huntington Beach, CA. The upside is enormous. 

When designed and built well, modern window and door products are incredibly energy-efficient and also improve the quality of your outdoor living. A full replacement of older, worn-out products can result in a savings of 25% less energy usage. That translates to reduced utility bills each month, saving money that you would otherwise have to pay to the power company. After installation, you’ll immediately notice the improved consistency of your home’s internal climate. No more temperature variations from room to room.

Energy Star Ratings:

The Energy Star program was originally started by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency back in the early 1990s. Its purpose is to set an energy efficiency standard for consumer products, encouraging conservation of energy through manufacturing excellence. 

As you do your research for new windows and doors, look for products that have been rated by the Energy Star program. Manufacturers that choose to participate in the program, submit their products for testing against a rigorous efficiency standard. Products that pass are awarded a rating, which consumers can use in their shopping evaluations. The bottom line is that these products perform at a higher level of quality than those which don’t meet or exceed the standard.

Product Security

It’s also important to look for products that have been vetted against the standards of forced entry testing. If a window or door product is weak, it will not withstand the forcible home invasion. That means it’s easier for thieves and unwanted intruders to gain access to you, your family, and your belongings. 

Locking hardware should be tamper-proof. Knowledgeable thieves are well aware that poor quality replacement windows and low rated replacement doors can are vulnerable to tampering. Don’t make yourself a target of opportunity by purchasing a product that doesn’t meet the security standard!

Make sure your new windows are secure, but not difficult for use in an emergency. If the house is on fire, and a member of your family is not able to open a window because they can’t quickly figure out how to open it, that’s an issue. It’s a problem you can avoid by evaluating the safety of the window before you purchase it. 

Installation Matters

Do-It-Yourselfers, heads up. Modern windows and doors are technically complex. You may be able to hang them yourself and make them look great, but doing so could void your warranty. If a problem is ever encountered in the future and the installation is to blame, you may be out of luck. For a warranty to be valid, many manufacturers require a certified installer to handle the installation of their particular product. Double-check with your provider about this important detail before you dive in.

Value of Replacement Windows and Doors in Huntington Beach, CA

Although you’ll lay out some money upfront to purchase new windows and doors, as much as 60% of it can be recaptured in the equity value of the home. As time passes, monthly utility savings will also return your outlay back into your wallet. And if you ever sell, buyers always prefer homes with quality windows and doors, making your home more attractive. It’s hard to beat the value add of upgraded windows and doors. 

No Pressure, No Obligation

If you’re in the market, call on us for a conversation with an window expert. Whether you’re looking for replacement windows and doors in Huntington Beach, CA, or something more specific such as a patio cover or sunroom, our team can help. Give us a call today: (714) 752-3407.

Replacement Windows & Doors FAQs

  • Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Home
    • You’ve come into some money
    • You notice you’re losing money on your utility bill
    • You’ve never renovated
  • Why You Probably Need New Windows?
    • It’s Energy Efficient
    • It’s Safer
    • You’ll Save Money
  • What Is The Best Type Of Moving Glass Wall System For My Home?
    • Bi-Fold: Bi-fold glass wall panels open like an accordion — each panel of the door folds up on top of the next. 
    • Stacking: Stacking glass panels do precisely what their name suggests; they slide along a track and stack one in front of the other.
    • Pocket: Pocket glass wall systems completely disappear from view when the door is open.

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