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The 2023 Pantone Color of the Year is magenta! Before we get into tips for using magenta in your home, like bold treatments for your replacement windows in Huntington Beach, CA, you might be wondering: who is Pantone and why should I care about their Color of the Year?

Back in 1963, Pantone created their Matching System to help the printing industry recreate accurate, consistent colors and eliminate guesswork in color matching across businesses, industries, and time frames. Today, the Pantone Matching System has over 10,000 color standards that help with printing, textiles, plastic, pigments, and coatings.  Pantone created their Color of the Year program in 2000, picking one color they feel reflects what’s happening in the world for that year. The 2023 Color of the Year is Viva Magenta, reflecting the feelings of hope and promise as our world emerges from years of COVID. Magenta is in the red family, and Viva Magenta is one of the brightest reds in the world with pink undertones to promote joy and strength.

Do you want to bring some color into your home with Viva Magenta? Here are ideas for using the Pantone Color of the Year:

  • Bring Color to Your Front Door – Your front door is a great opportunity to bring some color to your home in a bold but balanced way. Red is a very traditional front door color, and magenta is rooted in that tradition but will make your door a little more modern. If you don’t want to paint your entire door magenta, you can bring the color to your entryway with a wreath or mat.
  • Go Magenta in Your Kitchen – Did you know that restaurant designers use red in restaurant designs on purpose? The color has been shown to make diners hungrier. Putting some magenta in your kitchen will help brighten the room and make your family hungrier for dinner. Use the color in window treatments, placemats, dish towels, wall paint, or flowers. replacement windows in huntington beach ca 45 300x200
  • Paint an Accent Wall – Magenta would make a bold, fun, and fresh accent wall in a living room, hallway, family, or rec room. The shade works well with warm and cool neutrals, so it will be easy to match it with existing décor or new design pieces.
  • Update Your Windows – Whether you have new replacement windows or want to update your existing ones, magenta makes a wonderful touch of color. Go big and fun with magenta window treatments like painted shutters or deeply hued curtains. Balance the boldness of magenta with greenery like houseplants or gold, like gold window hardware or gold picture frames.
  • Brighten Your Bedroom – Bright magenta pillows, throw blankets, textured rugs, and other fabric pieces are great ways to bring magenta into your bedroom. You could also get a magenta side chair or vanity bench for a bigger moment, or a magenta candle for a smaller touch.

Do you want more tips on bringing more color into your home or getting Huntington Beach, CA replacement windows? We are here to help! Call or visit us today to learn more.

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